An Internet of Doing Things

GNOSYS creates .GNO files whose universal format and accessibility allow everyone to more freely, conveniently share electronic (e-)procedures and best practices. These e-procedures can be organized to accommodate simplification and faster deployment for more complex, integrated processes, as well as to facilitate collaboration between various roles—such as operators having procedures that link with service providers, which link to equipment manuals.

Interactive assembly or installation guides can be viewed as easily as visiting a website or downloading a song, while interrelated information on countless tasks and processes is being automated and centrally linked. As more knowledge is captured via GNOSYS technology, this universal e-procedure resource will only continue to expand.

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Professional Applications

GNOSYS is ideal for any business use case, but especially for those industries with the most demand for technical procedures. The longer the onboarding time and higher the cost of failure, the greater the impact of cost-effective e-procedure solutions on your operations.

  • Oil & Gas/Industrial
  • High Tech/IT
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Other Businesses

How it Works

Our end-to-end e-Procedure Platform plays directly into today's digitalculture of smart devices, social networking, video games, and wearables. Select one of the items below for an in-depth explanation of GNOSYS' four main functions for creating and running .GNO files.


Create procedures faster and more accurately with a highly visual workflow interface. Steps or GNODES are linked by conditions that make handling complex branching technical procedures quick and easy. GNODES and conditions can incorporate GPS coordinates, sub procedures, and batch procedures.


Each .GNO file contains all the core DNA you need to make a procedures actionable. Assign point values to reward people for completing each step, provide real-world guidances with agumented reality, imbed just-in-time training media, include documents, and collaboration tools.


When users run .GNO procedures, a log file is generated trackking both who ran the procedures and how much time elapsed between steps. This data is pushed to an online dashboard that records progress in real-time, where you can also manage and update your procedures, and review efficiency indicators.


Upload your procedure as a .GNO file to your subscription account on the cloud where you can share or assign it to coworkers. Companies can maintain enterprise accounts with more advanced procedure approval processes and security, custom dashboards, that integrate with other loT devices and ERP systems.



  • Visual workflow interface
  • Active/mobile procedure writing
  • Document Library
  • User created AR
  • Collaborative Tools
  • Video/Image Capture
  • GPS Enabled Procedures
  • Assign Point values and timers


  • Lower SME time
  • Increase procedure writing speed
  • Capture it more directly from SMEs
  • Decision-based procedures
  • Real-world guidance and annotation
  • More fit-for-enviroment
  • Gamifys Work Processes

3 Easy Subscription Models

GNOSYS offers three convenient plan options to fit your needs. Services are also available for quickly and accurately converting your existing print resources into e-procedure format. Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements!

View Things Differently

E-procedures seamlessly integrate with augmented reality and 3D simulation technology to create an immersive, interactive experience. GNOSYS is device-agnostic, so while designed for mobile devices, it’s also being tested and deployed on numerous wearable platforms. Contact us to find out how GNOSYS is changing the way you see the world!

Learn More Today

GNOSYS is currently deploying strategic pilot programs for e-procedures within the energy, high tech, and medical industries. If you’d like to see GNOSYS in action for yourself, or inquire regarding the availability of beta testing opportunities in your sector, please contact us by completing the provided online form.

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